guidelines & terms

At the first official Badminton Center in Jeddah city

They are not rules or conditions.

Still, rather we strive to make the place the highest level of services to achieve satisfaction for players in practicing badminton in an enthusiastic and professional atmosphere.

And maintaining the quality of the facilities to ensure a unique and enjoyable professional experience

Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

Skyline Vision Sport Center

Badminton Courts

Let`s Make the Bird Flay

terms of membership

First: Commitment to public literature and respect for the rights of others and not to fabricate or enter any quarrel. And provide the required cooperation with the center to facilitate evacuation plans and emergency situations


Second: Not to use doping or drugs


Thirdly: to adhere to the hours of booking for the team or individual hours and not to harass other players


Fourth: Not to use any courts not reserved & in case of violation center has the right to collect the appropriate fees.


Fifth: not to enter cigarettes food and drinks in the playgrounds


Sixth: To maintain the cleanliness of the place and dumping the garbage in the places allocated to it


Seventh: The Center has the right to verify the identity of the member, and the benefits of membership used only for the same member.


Eighth: Access to the playgrounds with appropriate clothing and shoes only


Ninth: The use of tools and equipment at the Center for what was allocated to only


Tenth: Photography is prohibited inside the center without the prior permission of the administration and under its supervision.


Eleventh: Obligation to pay the value of repairing any damages due to misuse


Twelth: Gambling is not allowed in any way


Thirteenth: Full responsibility for the escorts.


Fourteenth: The Center is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings


Fifteenth: Obligation to pay any FEE due using the center facility as required by membership or participation regulations without delay.


Sixteenth: In the annual membership system, the amount of membership paid shall not be refunded except service is terminated for reasons that belong to the center.


Seventeenth: The member has the right to cancel membership according to the cancellation mechanism of the registered membership category.


Eighteenth: Compliance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sports Authority.


Nineteenth: Use the center's car parking and not harass the neighbors under any circumstances


Twenty: The Center's management shall be entitled to suspend membership in violation of its conditions and shall not be entitled to claim any refunds.

terms of membership

شروط العضوية

أولا: الالتزام بالأدب العامة واحترام حقوق الاخرين وعدم افتعال أي شجار أو الدخول فيه. وتقديم التعاون المطلوب مع الإدارة لتسهيل خطط الاخلاء والحالات الطارئة" لا قدر الله".

ثانيا: عدم تعاطي المنشطات أو المواد المخدرة أو الترويج أو الاتجار بها.

ثالثا: الالتزام بساعات الحجز الخاصة بالفريق أو الساعات الفردية وعدم مضايقة اللاعبين الآخرين.

رابعا: عدم استخدام أي ملعب غير محجوز، وفي حال مخالفة ذلك يحق للإدارة تحصيل الرسوم المناسبة لذلك.

خامسا: عدم إدخال المأكولات والمشروبات إلى المركز أو التدخين في غير الاماكن المخصصة لذلك.

سادسا: المحافظة على نظافة المكان وإلقاء المهملات في الاماكن المخصصة لها.

سابعا: يحق للمركز التأكد من شخصية المشترك، ولا يستفيد من مزايا العضوية سوى العضو نفسه.

ثامنا: الدخول إلى ساحات اللعب بالملابس والاحذية المناسبة فقط.

تاسعا: استخدام الادوات والتجهيزات بالمركز لما خصصت له فقط.

عاشرا: يمنع التصوير داخل المركز بدون اذن مسبق من الإدارة وبإشرافها.

احدى عشر: الالتزام بسداد قيمة إصلاح أي تلفيات بسبب سوء الاستخدام.

اثني عشر: المقامرة غير مسموحة بأي شكل من الاشكال.

ثلاثة عشر: المسؤولية التامة عن المرافقين.

أربعة عشر: المركز غير مسئول عن فقدان أي أغراض أو أمتعة شخصية.

خمسة عشر: الالتزام بسداد المبالغ المالية المترتبة على العضوية أو المستحقة للمركز دون تأخير حسب ما تقتضيه أنظمة العضوية أو المشاركة.

ستة عشر: في نظام العضوية السنوي لا يتم استرجاع مبلغ العضوية المدفوع إلا في حال توقف الخدمة نهائياً لأسباب تعود للمركز.

سبعة عشر: يحق للعضو إلغاء العضوية حسب آلية الالغاء لفئة العضوية المسجلة.

ثمانية عشر: الالتزام بالأنظمة والقوانين الخاصة بالمملكة العربية السعودية وهيئة الرياضة وما يستجد من أنظمة بالمركز.

تسعة عشر: استخدام المواقف الخاصة بالمركز حسب النظام وعدم مضايقة الجيران أو المارة تحت أي ظرف.

عشرون: يحق لإدارة المركز إيقاف العضوية عند مخالفة شروطها ولا يحق للمخالف المطالبة باسترجاع أي مبالغ مسددة.

واحد وعشرون: عند تجميد العضوية لفترات محددة من قبل الإدارة يتوجب على العضو سداد قيمة العضوية شاملة فترات التجميد كي لا يتم إلغائها أو إيقافها نهائياً.

  • 01/ SAFETY

    It is important to understand that, like any sport, badminton is a game where injuries are a possibility.  You are responsible for taking precautions

    (for example: stretching before and after playing, warming up before play, wearing safety goggles, dry mopping your court before use) to minimize risks.  
    Due to anaphylactic allergies and sensitivities of some members, we ask that you refrain from bringing in nuts or nut products and from using perfumes and other scented products.
    Emergency numbers are posted by the telephone should something require immediate attention


    Skyline Vision Sports Center Badminton Courts works hard to maintain a friendly, tolerant, clean and safe environment that is fun for everyone.  

    We rely on all users doing their part to help keep our club neat, clean and running smoothly.  .When you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to approach the front desk staff or any member of the Board of Directors.

  • 03/Sports injuries at the club

    Skyline Vision Sports Center has limited Sports Injury treatment available to players who are injured while playing in our badminton facility. 

    Please report any case of a particular case requiring disclosure


    Dress Code: Appropriate sports clothing is required. No jeans, please.

    Both men and women are asked to dress modestly in the stadium, avoiding tight-fitting clothing or clothes with profane language or images. Women should cover shoulders and knees all the time.

    - All players must wear a T-shirt at all times while in the courts. -Shorts of jean material are not permitted.


    Footwear: Non-marking (no black soles) indoor-only court or athletic shoes that are carried in (not worn in from the car) are required when playing on the courts.  

    Sandals, hiking shoes, bare feet or socks-only are not permitted.

    Outdoor shoes should be removed prior to walking on the courts.

    - Black soled shoes of any kind are not to be worn on the courts are to be brought into the club and players will change into those shoes prior to entering the court area. - Regardless of the footwear type, wet, dirty or shoes that have been worn outside will not be permitted on the courts. Likewise, a player who leaves the court to go to the parking lot will not be allowed to wear those shoes back on to the courts.- Street shoes, slippers, flip flops or any kind of footwear not specifically designed for badminton are not permitted.- No Street clothing, Sleeveless T-Shirts, tops with vulgar language or defamatory logos or designs.


    Head Gear: Only sweatbands or headgear required for religious or medical reasons will be permitted.

    Do not wear helmets or masks that hide the contours of the face


    Keeping Courts Clean:  Only closed bottled drinks are allowed on the court; food and canned drinks are not permitted.   Dust mops are provided to wipe the surface of the court and smaller brooms are to mop up debris into the garbage can.  It is recommended that you mop your court before your matches to avoid any accidents from debris left on the court.

    The use of containers for waste and not to throw waste on the ground


    Crossing Behind Courts:  It is a common courtesy, and safety precaution, when passing behind courts to wait between courts until the point played is complete.  Players should pass behind the court quickly and in a single file close to the wall with their group so as to not disrupt the flow of play.

    Players prefer to wait in the designated areas or in the lounge.

  • 05/Monitoring

    All courts are monitored by Center staff and  CCTV

    Skyline Vision Sports Center has the right to end your booking if the rules are not followed.

  • 06/Etiquette

    Respect between members is to be maintained at all times

    Abusive, violent, and harassing behavior (physical, verbal, visual, etc.) will not be tolerated at any time. Skyline Vision Sports Center executive reserves the right to eject or banish members who exhibit inappropriate behavior.

  • 08/Visitors and Children

    Visitors and Kids (non-players)

    The player can Accompany visitors and children. 

    The host player bears full responsibility for the companions and their application of the rules.

    Hosts may not use the courts area under any circumstances

paid plan terms

At the first official Badminton Center in Jeddah city

Center Responsibilities

  1. Provide appropriate services and facilities to players.

  2. Services are provided as required and the team delivered the stadiums satisfactorily.

  3. Organize the utilization of the services and facilities of the Center to ensure that teams benefit from booking hours.

  4. Provide safety tools and disaster management plan.

  5. Provide the possible and available requirements as needed by the Center to maintain public and private property.

  6. Provide manpower required to provide services to beneficiaries

Administrative rules

  1. The center provides its services according to the following schedule of hours and prices:

Days    All Weekdays

Time                 Fees

07:00 – 09:00 - 65 SAR / Hour

09:00 – 00:00 - Paid Plan

00:00-03:00 - 100 SAR/ Hour 

03:00-06:00 - 200 SAR/ Hour

  1. The team and visitors should maintain their personal safety and property and the Center is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.

  2. Employees of the center are not allowed to meet the needs of teams or visitors.

  3. It is prohibited to grant the center employees any sums of money or gifts to obtain excellence in the service.

  4. It is not allowed to direct or punish the Center's employees or abuse them.

  5. The team and visitors must maintain tools, equipment, floors, nets, assets and facilities of the center, use them correctly and report directly to the center management when it has difficulty in using them.

  6. The management of the center may freeze or suspend the team if the regulations and rules are found to be in violation.

  7. The management of the center shall be entitled to prevent entry to those who deem it inappropriate to be present.

  8. Animals are not allowed in the center.

  9. It is prohibited to leave vehicles in the Center's own parking lot without being at the center, and the violation will be withdrawn at the expense of the owner.

  10. The Center does not bear any damage or harm to vehicles of any kind.

  11. Large gatherings and assembly are not allowed in front of the center

  12. It is forbidden to introduce weapons of all kinds inside the center.

  13. The use of audio devices not authorized by the Center is not allowed.

  14. It is prohibited to use, abuse or promote any illegal substances inside the center, including steroids of all kinds.

  15. Review the Center's bulletin board and notices for any changes or developments regarding the Center.

  16. The team or members have the right to use the public bulletin board to publish their advertisements or requests in a way that does not contradict the general and private rules and ethics.

  17. Posters shall not be placed inside the center or its facilities.

General rules for team membership

  1. Registration of membership in the center or visit ticket is a prerequisite for participation in the team.

  2. A team leader should be the link between team members and the center.

  3. The team leader should inform the center if the team's leadership is changed. The new leader's name will be added.

  4. The team leader is responsible for the reimbursement of the use of the Center's services and facilities.

  5. The member's escorts (children of all age categories -wife) shall apply to the member of the team and the head of the family shall be responsible for the payment of the fees determined as a value for the services and facilities of the center.

  6. Visitors accompanying the team (members of other teams - non-members) shall apply to the applicant (team-member) and the applicant shall be required to pay the fees charged by the Center for the benefit of the services or facilities of the Center.

  7. A member or team should not invite visitors outside of their booking times.

  8. The visitor should not invite other visitors.

  9. It is the responsibility of the team leader and the household to follow the general and administrative rules applicable to the center by the escorts and visitors.

  10. Detained members are not allowed to be invited as visitors

  11. Food and drink are only allowed inside the dining hall.

Fees for utilizing the Center's services and facilities

First: Booking stadiums

A. Contract and payments

  1. The duration of the contract is a full Gregorian month, the value of which shall be paid in one payment and calculated according to the frequency of the days of the week booked by the month.

  2. The team has the right to add hours during the contract period to become within the hours of booking and continue until the expiration of the contract.

  3. The team is not entitled to reduce the number of hours during the contract period.bFees

B. Fees 

The fee for the use of the stadium area per hour in each stadium is detailed according to the following schedule

Days  All Weekdays

Time                 Fees

07:00 – 09:00 - 65 SAR / Hour

09:00 – 00:00 - Paid Plan

00:00-03:00 - 100 SAR / Hour 

03:00-06:00 - 200 SAR / Hour

C. Courts "Stadium"

  1. The courts are chosen by the team leader upon availability and the center is not entitled to grant them to any other person or team during the booking hours.

  2. The team is not allowed to rent courts to third parties during the booking period.

  3. The team is not entitled to any additional fees during the period of booking.

  1. Booking hours

* Minimum booking recommended hours are three hours per week

Minimum extra hours of booking are one hour per day and the hourly rate per hour fee schedule applies

Tournaments and competitions

The Center allows the organization and holding of the following championships and competitions:

  1. Local Competition:

  • Competitions organized by the team for its members only during their booking periods and do not require the addition of hours or fees.

  1. General Competition:

  • Competitions can be entered without the requirement of membership provided that the management of the Center is notified by the organizer of the date of its establishment, the number of hours required, the number of participants, and the number of visitors at least a month from the start date.

  • Public competitions are contracted with a competition supplement, which provides fees for the use of the center's services and facilities.

  • The team is compensated by the value of unused hours of booking during competitive times by deducting the value from the booking value for the following month.

Termination and cancellation of the contract

The asset in the contracting system is upon paid plan .

First: Termination of Contract by (Team - Team Leader)

  1. The team leader should inform the Center of his wish to terminate the contract in writing not less than thirty days before the date of termination.

  2. In case of failure of the team leader to inform the Center of the unwillingness to terminate the contract, the fees of the month will be paid in full and the team shall have the right to use the stadiums.

Second: Termination of the contract by the Center

The Center has the right to terminate the contract with a claim for compensation not less than the value of booking the stadiums for a full month in the following cases:

  1. Not following public and private rules and laws.

  2. Failure to pay for the use of the Center's services and facilities.

  3. Tampering with or renting hours of arrest to others.

Refund policies

  1. Fees or part thereof shall not be refunded if the contract is terminated by (Team - Team Leader)

  2. A balance is credited to the team for the amount not utilized and compensated when the service is restarted in the event of a pause.

  3. The unused charges will be refunded by the team if the center fails to provide the service.

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