Terms of Paid Plan

Skyline Vision Sports Center Responsibilities

  1. Provide appropriate services and facilities to players.

  2. Services are provided as required and the team delivered the stadiums satisfactorily.

  3. Organize the utilization of the services and facilities of the Center to ensure that teams benefit from booking hours.

  4. Provide safety tools and disaster management plan.

  5. Provide the possible and available requirements as needed by the Center to maintain public and private property.

  6. Provide manpower required to provide services to beneficiaries

Administrative Rules

  1. The center provides its services according to the following schedule of hours and prices:

Days                                                Time                           One Hour Court Fees               

Sunday to Thursday                  07:00 – 09:00                                65 SAR

                                                 09:00 – 00:00                               Paid Plan

                                                 00:00 – 03:00                                100 SAR

                                                 03:00 – 06:00                                200 SAR

Friday to Saturday                    07:00 – 09:00                                65 SAR

                                                 09:00 – 00:00                                Paid Plan

                                                 00:00 – 03:00                                100 SAR

                                                 03:00 – 06:00                                200 SAR

  2. The team and visitors should maintain their personal safety and property and the Center is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.

  3. Employees of the center are not allowed to meet the needs of teams or visitors.

  4.It is prohibited to grant the center employees any sums of money or gifts to obtain excellence in the service.

  1. It is not allowed to direct or punish the Center's employees or abuse them.

  2. The team and visitors must maintain tools, equipment, floors, nets, assets and facilities of the center, use them correctly and report directly to the center management when it has difficulty in using them.

  3. The management of the center may freeze or suspend the team if the regulations and rules are found to be in violation.

  4. The management of the center shall be entitled to prevent entry to those who deem it inappropriate to be present.

  5. Animals are not allowed in the center.

  6. It is prohibited to leave vehicles in the Center's own parking lot without being at the center, and the violation will be withdrawn at the expense of the owner.

  7. The Center does not bear any damage or harm to vehicles of any kind.

  8. Large gatherings and assembly are not allowed in front of the center

  9. It is forbidden to introduce weapons of all kinds inside the center.

  10. The use of audio devices not authorized by the Center is not allowed.

  11. It is prohibited to use, abuse or promote any illegal substances inside the center, including steroids of all kinds.

  12. Review the Center's bulletin board and notices for any changes or developments regarding the Center.

  13. The team or members have the right to use the public bulletin board to publish their advertisements or requests in a way that does not contradict the general and private rules and ethics.

  14. Posters shall not be placed inside the center or its facilities.


General rules for team membership

  1. Registration of membership in the center or visit ticket is a prerequisite for participation in the team.

  2. A team leader should be the link between team members and the center.

  3. The team leader should inform the center if the team's leadership is changed. The new leader's name will be added.

  4. The team leader is responsible for the reimbursement of the use of the Center's services and facilities.

  5. The member's escorts (children of all age categories -wife) shall apply to the member of the team and the head of the family shall be responsible for the payment of the fees determined as a value for the services and facilities of the center.

  6. Visitors accompanying the team (members of other teams - non-members) shall apply to the applicant (team-member) and the applicant shall be required to pay the fees charged by the Center for the benefit of the services or facilities of the Center.

  7. A member or team should not invite visitors outside of their booking times.

  8. The visitor should not invite other visitors.

  9. It is the responsibility of the team leader and the household to follow the general and administrative rules applicable to the center by the escorts and visitors.

  10. Detained members are not allowed to be invited as visitors

  11. Food and drink are only allowed inside the dining hall.


Fees for utilizing the Center's services and facilities

First: Booking Courts Fees

 A. Contract and payments

  1. The duration of the contract is the validity of the paid plan, the value of which shall be paid in one payment and calculated according to the frequency of the days of the week booked by the month.

  2. The team has the right to add hours during the contract period to become within the hours of booking and continue until the expiration of the contract.

  3. The team is not entitled to reduce the number of hours during the contract period.

  B. Fees

The fee for the use of the courts area per hour in each court is detailed according to the following schedule

                         Time                           One Hour Court Fees               

                  07:00 – 09:00                                65 SAR

                  09:00 – 00:00                               Paid Plan

                  00:00 – 03:00                                100 SAR

                  03:00 – 06:00                                200 SAR

  C. Courts

  1. The courts are chosen by the team leader upon availability and the center is not entitled to grant them to any other person or team during the booking hours.

  2. The team is not allowed to rent courts to third parties during the booking period.

  3. The team is not entitled to any additional fees during the period of booking.

 D. Booking hours

The center records the booking hours in the name of the playgroup

Second: Extra Hours:

Minimum extra hours of booking are one hour per day and the hourly rate per hour fee schedule applies

Third: Allocated Hours:

Booking hours can be changed during the duration of the paid plan depending on availability.


The group is not allowed to play competitions of any kind without consulting the center

Termination of paid plan by (Team - Team Leader)

​Paid Plan can not be canceled and terminate  

Termination of the paid plan by the Center

The Center has the right to terminate the paid plan with a claim for compensation not less than the value of booking the stadiums for a full month in the following cases:

  1. Not following public and private rules and laws.

  2. Failure to pay for the use of the Center's services and facilities.

  3. Tampering with or renting hours of arrest to others.

Refund Policies

  1. Fees or part thereof shall not be refunded if the paid plan is terminated by (Team - Team Leader)

  2. A balance is credited to the team for the amount not utilized and compensated when the service is restarted in the event of a pause.

  3. The unused charges will be refunded by the team if the center fails to provide the service.

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